Red Rocks and Red Hands / Spring 2016

Something about the taste of instant coffee and the promise of an uncomfortable night in the back of a Hyundai Santa Fe becomes so appealing when it coincides with a plethora of other-worldly sights. With 16 Google Maps tabs still open on my laptop depicting a theoretical route through a handful of well known locations in Utah and Arizona, Sarah and I took off accompanied by the voice of Sarah Koenig and a large box of goldfish. 

About 5 and a half days were dedicated to this Southwest trek - not enough, but it'll have to do. Following all the dry air, I spent a few days in the significantly more saturated environment of the Olympic Peninsula, a classic Washingtonian Spring Break destination. A day of celebrating Holi and a few purchased Harvard Business Cases later, my final quarter of undergrad has begun. 

Sunrise, somewhere in Idaho. 

Ocean spotlights. 

Moonlit walls of Bryce Canyon


We happen to run into badass runner, Jay Harcum, in Zion. He was generous enough to do a spontaneous trail run shoot on his favorite Zion trail at sunset while guiding a college trip through the park. Among many others, Jay has run the San Diego 50 and will be running Boston for his second time this year.


Lower Antelope Canyon

Our mobile, 5-star hotel for the trip. 

Instant pasta + instant coffee = instant success

16 hours of driving and a couple of rest days later Jake, Kyle and I found ourselves on the Olympic Peninsula. 

Washington Democratic Caucus

The Eastside Friends and Family Holi Celebration