Center Focus - Recent Updates

This quarter flew by in a rush of nerve-racking basketball games, quick, local vignettes and digital marketing classes. Here are some of the images I made in between and during. 

WWU basketball star Jeffery Parker repeatedly dunked for me while I attempted to make uneducated suggestions. Very thankful for his patience and talent. 

Japanese artist, Rintaro Hara stands amidst the many softly rolling styrofoam balls of his piece "Uplift and Slope" featured in Western Gallery exhibit "How Space Turns." See the whole story at here and experience the exhibit in person at the Western Gallery.

UW Track Invitational

Kneeling before a wooden crucifix, Rev. Joseph Altenhofen prays the rosary in his home, adjacent to the Sacred Heart Church. Full story.

Klipsun Magazine's Editor in Chief Halee Hastad introduces you to the Promise edition.


During a Lynden High School boy's basketball game I met Henry Kuiken - a 1952 Lynden HS graduate who played in this very gym for the same team 64 years ago. Since then, Henry has been in the Air Force, worked for Boeing on President Kennedy's plane, and been married. In 1979, Henry was struck by a car with low chances of recovery. But he pulled through and claims "God kept me around to watch basketball."

After decades of growing acceptance, my grandmother, Marilyn Danielson, has completed and published her book - Scott's Rainbow: A mother's journey of loss, faith, and survival. The book tells the story of my father's younger brother and his battle with brain cancer. Last month I got to spend a morning with her, listen to her recollect, and see the artifacts from Scott's life, cut short.

With exactly 35 minutes remaining before the start of a game against rival team, Central Washington University, the WWU locker room goes silent. Just as he does before each game, Jeffery Parker leads his team in prayer. Full story.