Summer 2015

Full of mountainous running and freelancing, summer of 2015 included nights under the stars, at trip to Yosemite National Park, a Mariners game, and much more. 

Trail Running and Other Excursions

Ranging from easy hikes with populated lookout towers, to a 35-mile day run around the Copper Ridge Loop the summer had much in store for my longing to be surrounded by craggy peaks and alpine lakes. 

La Bohn Gap / Mt. Hinman 


Mt. Pilchuck Overnight

Copper Ridge Loop in a Day


Skyline Divide

The Enchantments

Lake Ann

Trappers Peak


Ptarmigan Ridge 

Alpine Lakes Left and Right

The Aurora Outside North Bend


Yosemite National Park

A Zipline Wedding and Mariners Ballgirls - A couple memorable assignments for the Everett Herald