Spring 2015


During this spring, I shot a handful assignments for Klipsun Magazine - however, one stood out as the most visually intriguing. The following few images are from a story on body cameras of Bellingham police officers. I had the opportunity to spend an evening with Officer Andria Fountain responding to calls - see the full story here: http://www.klipsunmagazine.com/body-behind-lens/.


Officer Rene Wagner asks a man arrested for violation of a restraining order what the substance found in his side pocket is. The man claimed he had no knowledge of the small bag saying "these aren't my pants". An on-the-scene drug test kit suggested that the substance was methamphetamine.  


Officer Fountain attempts to find the owner of a misplaced phone.


Officer Fountain talks with a homeless man who frequently is reported for welfare checks. The reported man was sleeping outside of the Northwest Chiropractic Clinic on April 25, 2015. 


After crashing his car outside of a local restaurant, a Bellingham man takes a sobriety test administered by Officer Fountain. 


Bellingham Police Officer Andria Fountain walks a man into the Whatcom County Jail to be processed and admitted for the night. The man, arrested for driving under the influence, claimed to only have one beer that night but registered a blood alcohol content level .09 above the legal limit. Fountain, who was the first of four officers on the scene, says that many people don't realize how fast officers have to make life-impacting decisions in the field which is one of the reasons body cameras are being implemented. 

Spring Excursions


Sourdough Mountain, North Cascades, Washington


Artist Point Road, Mt. Baker Area, Washington


Artist Point, Mt. Baker Area, Washington


Index, Washington


Thunder Creek, North Cascades, Washington


Thunder Knob, North Cascades, Washington