August 2014

Marmot Pass, Olympic National Forest, WA.

Plumes of smoke from the fires in Central Washington.

Hopland, CA

Crater Lake, OR

Friendly thru-hikers on the PCT

Met some groups of people hiking through the PCT that were camping at Crater Lake for the night. Grock, the man below on the left, sold most of his belongings a few years ago and has been hiking some of the best trails in the country. 

Random Levitation

Kessie and I were bored one evening and I had been meaning to try out some surrealist photography. Not perfect, but a fun photo to make. 

Trail running to Snow and Gem Lakes

Back to the Enchantments

Alex and I did our second 18 mile hike of the summer through the Enchantments. 5am start, 6000ft vertical gain, and an 8 mile hitchhike back to the car.